Sunday, February 21, 2010

Here I am!!

Ok so yes I'm sorry...I have been MIA. My life ex extreme chaos right now. Working 2 jobs, bowling 2 nights a week, part time school, training for the half, and TRYING to have a social life (which there is hardly any of).

Onto my running...I am on leave of absense right now for the week, which should be almost done, doctors orders. Two months ago I had tendinits in my left foot/up my leg. They gave me arch supports in my regular everyday shoes and that fixed my problem. Continued to run and felt great. About two weeks ago I started having pains in my left hip/pelvis. So went to the doctor of course now I have tendinitis in there. Didn't know you could get it in so many places. So they put me on 600mg IB Profen 3 times a day and NO GYM! Ok so needless to say I'm dying from not going. My energy level is down, my moral is down, my depression is up as its winter and have no way to release my energy and clear my head. But I am still going on. On the bright side I am starting to feel better. Today was the first day I was able to get out of bed and not have to run for the meds. It's about 3pm and I still have not taken them. I am about to take on though just to keep my inflamation down.

I am hoping to get back to running Tuesday if not Wednesday. But for sure sometime this week! I am just itching to do something. I have been posting all my updates and such on Daily Mile. Add me on there if you have it!!

In addition today I have become little miss Betty Crocker. I currently have a pot roast cooking in my slow cooker with potatoes and carrots YUM! Can't wait for that to be done for dinner. Then for lunch I made spaghetti with 2 cans of diced tomatoes, zuccini, olive oil, and a little bit of parmasean. No sauce!! It made a huge pot so looks like I'll be having my special Spaghetti (I like to call Spaghetti a'la Stacy) lol and my pot roast all week. I can't complain there!!! Anyone wanna come for dinner?

I am going to try and get back here more often as time permits. I know I only have a few followers which are probably now gone do to me being MIA for so long, but I hope to get more! Also as I start getting into my longer runs in my training I will post more blogs about them as well.

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. (Before I even write this - I work as a PT in SE WI and used to work in the Falls area...)

    What ortho are you seeing? Has anyone done an actual running analysis on you? I'm just wondering because so much irritation usually means something is breaking down in your stride/running pattern...that obviously hasn't gotten fixed yet. :(

    Hope you start to feel better soon!!